Your Tenancy, Your Rights And Responsibilities

Why Is My Tenancy Agreement Important?

Your Tenancy Agreement is important because it sets out the rights and responsibilities you have as our resident. It also sets out our responsibilities as a landlord.

A Better Service For You

We have changed the way we deal with your queries to provide a better service.


You no longer have to wait to talk to the Housing Officer who covers the area you live in. 


  • We have a team of Housing Officers who will be able to deal with a range of queries no matter where you live
  • They will also deal with any communal Anti-Social Behaviour issues
  • Communal repairs and grounds maintenance (cleaning or gardening) still needs to be reported in the usual way.


If you need to report anything to a Housing Officer, please call 0300 304 5000 or email the Tenancy Team.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

What Are My Rights?

Your rights with regard to your tenancy are contained within your own tenancy agreement.

As there are many types of tenancy agreement, your rights may be different to those of your neighbour. Please check with your Housing Officer if you need more information.


Fair And Equal Treatment For Everybody

All our residents have the right to fair and equal treatment, as stated in our Equality and Diversity policy. It will tell you more about our approach to providing a fair service.


What Are My Responsibilities?

You must keep to the terms of the tenancy agreement. You must also ensure that anyone living with you or visiting you keeps to the conditions.

Your tenancy agreement tells you what your responsibilities are:

  1. You must live in your home as your only or main home
  2. You must pay all the charges due - rent, service charge, etc
  3. You must not harass, be abusive to or threatening to any neighbour, other resident, member of staff or contractor
  4. You must take responsibility for the behaviour of family members and visitors to your home. This includes behaviour in the wider community
  5. You must obtain written consent before keeping an animal
  6. You must allow us and our contractors access to your home to carry out repairs, especially gas servicing
  7. You must report faults and repairs and carry out repairs that are your responsibility, and not damage your home
  8. You must not allow your home to become overcrowded
  9. You must not operate a business from your home, unless you have received our express written permission.