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Community Support and Supported Living Achieve "Good" PAMMS Report.

We’re pleased to say we’ve been awarded a “Good” rating with some areas of “Excellent” from the Provider Assessment and Market Management Solution (PAMMS).

PAMMS is an online tool, which assesses the quality of care delivered by providers of adult social services. The rating was given following an audit and observation at some of our services. The areas looked at included how we involve and inform our service users, personalised care and support, safeguarding and safety, suitability of staffing and quality of management.

The inspection noted:

“All support plans were in place, and it was evidenced that the residents had been involved and had signed documents as necessary. The plans provided clear information as to what the support was, what the person can do for themselves and what support they would need. The plans gave a clear oversight as to how support is and should be delivered.

“All staff clearly showed how they helped the adults to be independent, provide choices, opportunities and treat them respectfully. Staff were seen to be caring, thoughtful and considerate”

Lucy Drake, Head of Care and Support, commented:

“The whole team and I are so proud to have received a Good PAMMS Rating, following a positive inspection. Our main priority is to provide the very best care, and overall finest experience for our residents. The report and our rating reflect the hard work and dedication our lovely team in Community Support and Supported Living put into achieving this.”

Well done to the team at Care and Support for all their hard work and for achieving their "Good" outcome. 

You can read the full report on the PAMMS website

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