Pink piggy bank wearing a yellow hard hat. Caption reads: Repairs How to report a repair, what to do outside office hours and what counts as an emergency.


For All Repairs Telephone:

All calls regarding repairs are now taken by our main contractor Axis Europe. 

0808 169 1969 This number is available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

8.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday is for general repairs.

Out of Hours Emergency:

5.00pm to 8.00am, all day weekends and Bank Holidays

Please be aware that if you use the emergency service when it is later found not to be an emergency, you could be charged for the repair.

Important information about phoning our repairs customer advisors

What Counts as an Emergency?

  • Total loss of electricity 
  • Dangerous electrical installation
  • Total loss of water
  • Water leaks that are uncontainable 
  • Defective smoke detectors/fire alarms
  • Blocked or uncontainable leaking toilet where there is only one in your home 
  • Blocked drains and sewers if backing up in property or overflowing
  • Loss of heating in winter months (October to March)
  • Uncontainable roof leak
  • Insecure property (front or back door), or ground floor window that can not be locked 
  • Loose roof tile, gutter or drain pipe where dangerous
  • Loose bricks or masonry where dangerous.

All other repairs are completed at residents' convenience.

If You Smell Gas in Your Property

  • Turn your supply off at the mains
  • Ring Cadent on 0800 111 999
  • Open your doors and windows
  • Do not switch anything electric on or off as this could create sparks
  • Do not smoke, light a match or cause any other flame
  • Contact repairs on 0808 169 1969 if your home needs any further repairs after Cadent have left.

Please Treat Staff as You Would Expect to be Treated Yourself

Our repairs staff are trained to respond politely and courteously to you, so it can be very upsetting if you are rude or behave badly towards them. You are reminded that we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

While we all accept a level of frustration, swearing is totally inappropriate and can be stressful for our repairs staff. Verbal abuse will be taken seriously and telephone calls will be terminated. You will receive a written warning about acceptable behaviour in accordance with your tenancy agreement and this could affect the services we provide to you.