Selling a Leasehold Property

Access the Estuary Resales Guide.pdf [pdf] 2MB Resales Guide

Shared Owners

If you are considering selling your share of your home, please email our Sales & Marketing Team or call them on 0300 304 5000 to ask for a resale pack. We will market the property for you for the nomination period stated in your lease. If you decide to go ahead, you will need to pay for a valuation and be responsible for providing access for viewings to potential purchasers. When we successfully find a purchaser you will be charged a nomination fee in accordance with your lease.

Leaseholders in Private Retirement Schemes

You are free to sell your property on the open market through an estate agent. Potential applicants must fit the criteria for that particular scheme and we will need to undertake an assessment to ensure the criteria has been met before the sale proceeds. All sales within these schemes are required to pay 3% of the sale price payable to us on completion. This is a requirement of the lease.


If you own a flat or house and pay a service charge, you will be responsible for selling your property on the open market through an estate agent. You will, however, need to keep us informed of the sale as we may be required to answer solicitor’s enquiries in relation to the sale. Please be advised that any enquiries of 5 or more questions will incur a charge payable by the leaseholder of £150 + VAT.