Clare's Law

Black square with yellow and white writing advising you have the right to ask about someone's history under Clare's Law.Clare’s Law (sometimes referred to as the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme) gives a member of the public the right to ask the Police if their partner may pose a risk to them. 

It also means that a member of the public can make enquiries into the partner of a close friend or family member. 

It works like this:

1) To make an application, a member of the public needs to either telephone the Police on 101, or visit their local station. They would then notify the officer that they wish to make an application under ‘Clare’s Law’. They will need to provide their name, address and date of birth.

2) Once an application is made, the Police and partner agencies will carry out a range of checks.

3) If the checks reveal a record of abusive offences, or suggest a risk of violence, they’ll consider sharing the information.

4) If the Police decide to reveal information (this is called making a disclosure), it will be done in person. None of the disclosure will be in writing. This will usually be made to the person at risk. This is unless, in the circumstances, someone else is better placed to use the information to protect the person at risk from abuse. 

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