Planned, Cyclical & Major Works

From time to time we will need to carry out major works to the building containing your flat or on the estate where you live. It is our responsibility to maintain the building and estate, and we do this through a planned works programme. As a leaseholder, you will be charged for major works. Your lease explains the full terms and conditions. For most of our developments we have a Replacement Provision (or Sinking Fund) in place to help pay for planned major works. If your development has a Replacement Provision, you will make contributions into this fund from your service charge.

  • Planned Works are large scale building projects that could include structural repairs, roof replacement, installing or upgrading door entry systems.
  • Cyclical Works are generally routine maintenance tasks such as painting the communal areas and external parts of the building, repairing entrance gates and paving.


Section 20 Consultations

We are required by law to consult you on major works if your share of the works is £250 or more. For long term contracts for goods or services which would cost each resident £100+ per annum, we will also carry out consultation.

When works are scheduled for your building, we will send the following notices:

  • Notice of Intention - This letter will describe the works proposed and explain why they are needed. You will have 30 days to contact us with any observations.
  • Notice of Estimates / Notice of Proposals (for long term contracts) - This letter will tell you the estimated cost of the proposed works, and provide a summary of the feedback received from the Notice of Intention letter. You will be given a further 30 days to respond with your observations to the estimates provided.
  • Notice of Award will be sent to advise the successful contractor.

Once the works have been completed, we will write to you again to confirm the total costs and your contribution towards them.

Planned Maintenance

We are required to carry out a stock condition survey to all our properties. This assists us with carrying out our planned programme of works.

We carry out a variety of different works including:

  • Replacing windows, kitchens or bathrooms
  • Replacing heating systems
  • Roof renewals
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Passenger lifts
  • Replacing other mechanical and electrical equipment
  • External Decoration (cyclical decoration).

Please note: planned works are be carried out by various contractors and the Axis repairs line may not have the relevant information to confirm who or when works are carried out. If you would like more information or you have any queries, please contact us on 0300 304 5000, option 2.

If you do not believe your property has had a Stock Condition Survey within the last 5 years, please contact us on 0300 304 5000 to arrange one.

Carrying Out Your Own Improvements

You will need our written permission to carry out alterations or improvements to your home. If we need to discuss the alteration with you in more detail, a surveyor or one of our Housing Officers will contact you.

Written permission should always be obtained before you carry out any alteration. Unauthorised alterations may require you to return your home to its original condition at your own cost. You can fill out an improvement application form in Your Online Account.