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Customer Voice Roadshow 2023 How It Went and You Said We Did

Customer Voice Roadshow 2023 How it Went and You Said We Dids

We had a busy summer visiting our residents from Kings House - Barking, Vickers House – Romford, to Brentwood and Woodgrange – Southend.  It was heart-warming to connect with so many of our residents during these events. 

The roadshow provided a valuable chance for our staff to engage with our customers and gain insight into their needs. Our team went door-to-door engaging in meaningful conversations with residents and gathering key information about the things which mattered to them most.

It was a relaxed atmosphere where we encouraged residents to have an open conversation with us. We invited residents to join us for popcorn, lollies or ice cream which was appreciated.

We'll be using the information we gathered to develop a tailored Building Strategy that aligns with the needs of residents.

Any issues discussed that relate to personal circumstances have been followed up individually to ensure a personalised service.

Some of the areas we visited had some issues that are shared by many customers and which we can share here and show how these have been addressed;

Customer Voice Roadshow Round Up 2023

Take a look at our Customer Voice Roadshow round up for 2023. 


Kings House

Kings House

We have been working closely with our customers at Kings House on a weekly basis to keep them up to date with developments and also answer any questions or concerns they may have.

Vickers House

Vickers House

Window servicing –We were informed that window servicing was needed following cladding work. We are happy to inform you that was attended to in August. 

We have carried out a significant amount of work to ensure that Vickers House meets the most stringent fire safety standards. After allocating funds to meet this requirement it has left us with limited funds to undertake other works now. Therefore this work is pushed back to Autumn 2024. We are now prioritising safety works required across our housing stock.



Our residents informed us that they love living here.

Woodgrange Estate

Woodgrange Estate

Anti–Social Behaviour

It is important that any ASB witnessed is reported to ensure we can work with communities to manage this effectively. If you would like to report ASB please follow the instructions here ASB | Estuary.


It is important that fly-tipping is reported so we can take action, last year we dealt with over 50 incidents of fly-tipping and thousands of inappropriate waste disposal. As a result, we try to identify those responsible and take necessary steps to prevent reoccurrences such as reporting incidents to the Police and recharging those responsible. It is important that all households dispose of waste responsibly. If you witness fly-tipping you can report this to. If you would like to report fly-tipping, please email or call 0300 304 5000