Damp, Mould and Condensation

Damp, Mould and Condensation

Storage Heaters

We know that mould and damp in your home aren't welcome. Keeping your home warm is a key part of keeping it and condensation at bay. 

On this page, you'll find details and user guides on our most popular installed storage heaters. 

If the mould refuses to leave or you need further help, please contact Axis

You can also read our self-assessment against the Housing Ombudsman’s Service’s Spotlight report and find out more about our complaints process.

Storage Heater User Guides

On this page is the user guide for our most recent installation of storage heaters. This is also available for download  Quantum_Quick_Start_Guide (1) (002).pdf [pdf] 207KB, or if videos are better for you, please visit the Dimplex YouTube page

There, they have a video showing the basic controls of the Quantum storage heater and how to set the temperature. Please note, we are not responsible for any external content. This information was correct at time of publishing. 

The Quantum Energy System Quick Start Guide

If the user guide doesn't relate to your stoarge heater, please contact us and we'll do our best to find a user guide for yours. 

The outer case of the Quantum heater will be cooler to touch than a conventional storage heater. This is because less heat is ‘lost’ through the case, making more heat available from the fan outlet when needed.

  • Nothing may be placed in the 30cm (1 foot) in front of the heater at any time. This is to avoid items coming into contact with the grille and the heated air which leaves it. Blocking some or all of this area could represent a fi re hazard.
  • You do not need to decide how much heat to store. Simply set the timer mode and the temperature to what suits you and leave the heater to meet your requirements.
  • Ensure that both supply switches next to the heater are turned on. During the summer when no heat is required, both wall switches can be turned off. Remember to turn both of these back on in Autumn when heat is required again.


How Does the Heater Control Work?

The heater control allows you to choose when you want the heating to be on, and what temperature it should reach while it is on. To deliver the required heat the control switches on and off a low speed fan that pushes stored heat from the core into the room.

The periods during which the heater is providing heat are defi ned as ‘Comfort On’ (this is shown at the bottom of the screen). Outside of these periods the heater will not deliver heat and these periods are called ‘Comfort Off’. During the ‘Comfort On’ periods the low speed fan will run. During the ‘Comfort Off’ periods the fan will not run.

Note: there is a delay of up to two minutes on the fan operation when switching to ‘Comfort On’ or ‘Comfort off’. This is normal and does not represent a fault.


Set the Time

The time and date are set in the factory and should not need to be amended, however to check that they are correct press Menu, then press the Selector Dial with Time / Date highlighted. Rotate the Selector Dial until the correct value is shown, then press it down to confi rm and move on to the next value. Repeat until all details are correct, then press Back.

The time is automatically adjusted in spring and autumn at the changes between Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and British Summer Time (BST).


Set the Temperature

The temperature shown on the display is the room temperature setpoint. This is the temperature that the heater will maintain during the ‘Comfort On’ periods. If the room temperature is above this temperature then the fan will not operate.

The heater leaves the factory with this temperature set at 21°C which represents a typical, comfortable room temperature. 

If you require a different room temperature then rotate the control dial either clockwise or anticlockwise until the display shows the temperature you require.


Set the Timer Mode

Your Quantum heater comes pre-programmed with four timer modes. These modes define the periods when the heater will operate in ‘Comfort On’ mode.  

The Four Timer Modes
Timer Mode Description
Out all day 7.5 hours heating per day in two periods
Home all day 11 hours heating per day in four periods
Holiday Set the temperature and number of days for which you are on holiday
User timer Customise times in four periods


Which Timer Mode is Best For Me?

The heater leaves the factory set in Out All Day mode. If you are out during the day and only require heat in the mornings and evenings then this mode will suit your lifestyle and you won’t need to do anything.

If you are in during the day then you should select the Home All Day mode. This mode will give you four periods of heating split throughout the day.

If you are away for an extended period then you can use the Holiday mode. This allows you to reduce the heating during the period that you are away, reverting to the previously selected mode on the day you return.  

To choose a timer mode press Menu and rotate the dial to select Timer Mode. Select the mode required, again by rotating and pressing the dial. For options Out All Day, Home All Day and User timer, three choices are available - Select, Preview and Modify.

Select - Choose this timer option.  Preview - View the times currently set. Modify - Change the times currently set.

Please refer to the operating instructions for information on how to modify the programmed times.

Sometimes you may be at home when you had not planned to be, or need to leave when you had planned to have the heating on and need to change the way you use your heating temporarily.

This temporary change is achieved by using the Advance function. The Advance function allows you to begin the next ‘Comfort On’ mode early.  

If the heater is in ‘Comfort Off’ mode and you want heat – press the Advance button. If the heater is in ‘Comfort On’ and you don’t want heat, press the Advance button and it will go off until the beginning of the next ‘Comfort On’ period.  


A supplemental boost element controlled by the electronic thermostat is provided if additional room heating is required, for example, due to unusually cold weather.

You can select how long the boost wil run for, from one to four hours. Once the boost has run for the selected time it will automatically switch off.

The instructions are:

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Rotate dial to highlight Boost, press dial.
  3. Rotate dial to highlight duration required and press dial.

Auto Boost will automatically use the boost element to maintain the set temperature during ‘Comfort On’ periods.

Note: Boost element uses peak rate electricity and this could lead to increased running costs.

Child Lock

If you need to lock the controls so the settings cannot be changed, then activate the Child Lock.

To lock the controls press and hold both the Back button and Selector Dial for three seconds.

Child Lock will appear at the bottom of the screen.

To unlock the control repeat the action by pressing both the Back button and Selector Dial for three seconds.