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Resident Voice and Influence Panel

Resident VIP logo The Resident VIP are the independent, resident-led group that holds us to account through performance monitoring, scrutiny and challenge to ensure continuous improvement.

In March 2023 the panel approved a new Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct for involved residents. We worked with our involved residents and TPAS to develop the new model and structure using customer feedback and guidance on resident group structures and co regulation.

The new structure builds on the strengths of RVIP and creates more varied and rewarding opportunities for residents who want to get involved with monitoring our performance and shaping our services.

Code of Conduct for Involved Residents

Terms of Reference (ToR)  

Resident Voice and Influence Panel - Recruitment Procedure[docx] 53KB

If you're interested in being part of the future resident involvement team at Estuary, please email involvement@estuary.co.uk, including you name, number and address.

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Reasons to join us. 

Customer Engagement Strategy


Our customer engagement strategy.

Tpas 2022-25

TPAS Accreditation Logo 2022-25We're really pleased with our Tpas re-accreditation! 

By undertaking the accreditation process, we demonstrate our commitment to customer engagement. This provides assurance that our ways of working with customers are effective and offer the best value for money. 

Achieving Tpas accreditation demonstrates we are developing a strong culture of involvement across Estuary to create business improvements with our customers.

Learn more about Tpas at https://www.tpas.org.uk/about-tpas  

Included in our membership is a range of learning materials for residents (and our staff, too!). Please sign up to take a look at what’s on offer at https://www.tpas.org.uk/landlord/employee/create-member/55