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Suppliers and Contractors

Procurement covers the full range of activities related to obtaining goods, works and services from initial assessment of the business need, through contract management to the end of the service contract or useful life of an asset, including disposal. In undertaking our procurement processes, we aim to ensure that we deliver a service which best meets the needs of Estuary Housing Association and our residents.

We work with a variety of suppliers, contractors and consultants to provide our services. These range from small local businesses to large national organisations. We encourage applications from local SMEs and minority groups.

As an organisation, we have established a set of core values which we aim to reflect in all that we do:

  • Being ethical
  • Having honesty and integrity
  • Being customer focused
  • Ensuring equality
  • Being accountable
  • Working in partnership
  • Achieving continuous improvement
  • Having skilled and professional staff

Additionally, as a registered provider of Social Housing, our procurement is governed by the Public Contracts Regulations, which require that we operate in a fair, open and transparent way.

We do not currently operate an approved supplier list. Suppliers are encouraged to sign up to the Delta eSourcing portal which may be used to investigate potential suppliers for quotes and tenders. Where applicable, we purchase through framework agreements made available for publicly funded bodies. All other tender opportunities for requirements not available through current contract or framework agreements are advertised on this site, through Contracts Finder or large tenders, Find a Tender.


Key Procurement Policies

Value for Money

Value for Money is the term used to assess whether or not we have obtained the maximum benefit from the goods and services we have acquired or provided. It is a measure not only of the cost, but takes account of the mix of quality, cost, use of resources, fitness for purpose, timeliness and convenience. In assessing VFM, we also consider benefits in terms of reducing wastage and improving service delivery.


Equality and Diversity

We value inclusiveness and are committed to embedding equality and diversity at the heart of our work and the suppliers we work with. We aim to be an inclusive organisation, where individual differences are respected, where staff, people who use services, as well as their families and carers, are treated with dignity and on the basis of their merits, abilities and needs, and where everyone has a fair opportunity to fulfil their potential without suffering discrimination or disadvantage.

We firmly oppose all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

We expect everyone who works with us, including our suppliers and partners, to work actively to support us in trying to achieve our aims, comply with our policies and put them into practice.



Sustainable procurement is defined as “the process whereby organisations meet their needs for goods, services, works and utilities in a way that achieves value for money on a whole-life basis in terms of generating benefits not only to the organisation, but also to society and the economy, whilst minimising damage to the environment.”

We are committed to playing a part in preserving natural resources and preventing environmental pollution, and use sustainable products and services wherever possible.

We are committed to promoting sustainable procurement in order to deliver tangible benefits to both our local community and to the wider community, covering all aspects of sustainability – economic, social and environmental.



We wish to carry out our business transparently and fairly. We therefore operate a zero tolerance policy towards bribery by its board members, employees, contractors, agents and other associated persons. Incidences of bribery could lead to our reputation being damaged and also lead to deterioration in its relationship with its tenants, customers, business colleagues and other stakeholders.

We are also committed to working only with other organisations or individuals who commit to doing business without bribery. We would like to encourage firms that want to contract with us to adopt these principles as well.


Quotes and Tenders

Our Procurement Policy and Procedure establishes the threshold values which we adhere to when undertaking procurement exercises.


Financial Thresholds


Financial Thresholds

Contract Value (excludes VAT)

Minimum Competition Requirements

Up to £2,500

One written quotation, confirmed in writing

£2,500 - £10,000

Two comparable quotations, confirmed in writing

£10,000 to £25,000

Three comparable quotations, confirmed in writing

Over £25,000

Invitation to Tender process either through a framework agreement or advertised on Contracts Finder


Quotation Requests

For requirements with an estimated value of up to £25,000, we are required to obtain up to three quotes from Contractors/Suppliers. These will be sourced from our existing supplier base, supplemented with market information. Wherever possible, we will try to ensure we invite local suppliers and/or SMEs to submit a quotation.


Invitation to Tender

The documentation will include a detailed specification of the goods or services required; a pricing schedule; and a number of quality questions. You will also see the scoring criteria, which will explain how your submission will be scored by the Evaluation Panel. Please make sure that you have responded appropriately to each of the criteria to enable the Panel to score accordingly. If you are uncertain about our requirements, please contact us for clarification.


Public Contract Tender Thresholds


Public Contracts Tender Thresholds

Contract Type

Contract Value (excludes VAT)

Goods and Services





Invitation to Tender under Public Contracts Regulations

Contracts that are over the Public Procurement thresholds are subject to the full requirements of the Public Contracts Regulations and will be advertised on the Find a Tender website. We place our contract notices via our e-procurement portal, Delta, as well as on this website.
Estuary generally uses the Open Procedure process to encourage wider competition.


Tender Evaluation

We undertake either a price-only or value-for-money assessment to identify the supplier who will provide the best solution.

  • A price-only assessment is usually used for very low-value, low-risk, uncomplicated requirements based on a tight specification
  • A value-for-money assessment (detailed as Most Economically Advantageous Tender in the Public Contracts Regulations) is based upon a balanced review of both quality and price
  • A financial assessment of bidders is undertaken on all tenders, where appropriate.

Our tender evaluation is conducted objectively and impartially. The criteria and weightings will vary depending on the circumstances and bidders are informed of these in tender documents.
As part of the procurement process we may ask short listed bidders to provide samples; to demonstrate their products or services; and/or to attend a presentation or interview session to discuss their proposals. These will form part of the evaluation of tenders.