Market Rent Tenancies

Market Rent Tenants

  • Market Rent tenancies are let under an Assured Shorthold basis. The first 12 months would be for a fixed term, which means you cannot terminate your tenancy until the expiration of the fixed term.
  • If you wish to vacate the property at the expiration of the fixed term, contact the Market Rent team to arrange a suitable date to inspect the property and advise on how the property should be left in order to get the full deposit returned. See the Vacating your Property guide.
  • If you would like to continue renting after the fixed term, the Market Rent team will need to carry out an inspection of the property and establish whether the tenancy has been conducted satisfactorily. We may need to take photos at the inspection if there are any repair or property defect issues.  If we are happy to allow you to continue renting, your tenancy will continue as a Statutory Periodic Assured Shorthold tenancy. If you wish to move out at a later date, you will need to give one months' notice in writing to us.
  • We carry out routine inspections, generally on an annual basis. This is to check you are maintaining the property in line with your tenancy agreement.  During the visit, we may need to take photos if there are any ongoing repair concerns. If you have routine repairs, you would need to report these to our Repairs Team 0808 1691969.
  • If you fall behind with your rent payments or breach any other tenancy conditions, you will be served a Section 21 Notice Seeking Possession.
  • If you need to discuss your rent account, make a payment or set up a Direct Debit, please speak to the Market Rent Team.
  • If you have any other tenancy issues, need to request permission to have a pet or make an improvement in your home, please contact the Market Rent team.

To speak to the Market Rent team, please call 0300 304 5000.