What is Market Rent?

Market rent isn't social housing. Instead, it's the "normal" rent amount you'd pay if you rented through, say, an estate agent.

For example, if the estate agent has said a home should cost £700 per month, that's the market rent. 

Valuations take into account things like:

  • The area the home is in and what's available close by
  • The size and condition of the home, including the amount of bedrooms
  • The outside space, like balconies, driveways and gardens.

If you'd like to view our Market Rent properties, please contact the managing agent for the area you're interested in:

Dunmow - Abbots Chelmsford
01245 830265
 Ockendon and Barking - Chafford Hundred Bairstow Eves
01375 720031
 Southend - Bairstow Eves Southend
 01702 434334

Market Rent Tenants

  • Market Rent tenancies are let under an Assured Shorthold basis. The first 12 months would be for a fixed term. Contact the Contact the Tenancy team if you've any queries before the expiration of the fixed term.
  • If you wish to vacate the property at the expiration of the fixed term, contact the Tenancy team to give notice and arrange a suitable date to inspect the property and advise on how the property should be left in order to get the full deposit returned. 
  • If you would like to continue renting after the fixed term, the Market Rent team will need to carry out an inspection of the property and establish whether the tenancy has been conducted satisfactorily. We may need to take photos at the inspection if there are any repair or property defect issues. If we are happy to allow you to continue renting, your tenancy will continue as a Statutory Periodic Assured Shorthold tenancy or a monthly rolling contract. If you wish to move out at a later date, you will need to give at least one months' notice in writing to us.
  • We carry out routine inspections, generally on an annual basis. This is to check you are maintaining the property in line with your tenancy agreement. During the visit, we may need to take photos if there are any ongoing repair concerns. If you have routine repairs, you would need to report these to our Repairs Team 0808 1691969.
  • If you fall behind with your rent payments or breach any other tenancy conditions, you will be served a Section 21 Notice Seeking Possession, which means you could lose your home. Please contact us if you need any help
  • If you'd like to make any alterations or improvements, please take a look at our Home Improvements page and fill out the form (not yet created)
  • If you need to discuss your rent account, make a payment, set up a Direct Debit or have any other questions, please speak to the Market Rent Team.

What is the Deposit Protection Service?

All assured shorthold tenancy deposits received by landlords and letting agents must be protected by a Government authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme. We use the Deposit Protection Service offer the only Custodial scheme authorised by the Government. This means that your deposit would be held securely by them for the duration of the tenancy and returned after the tenancy ends, subject to the property inspection. 

Further Information

More information can be found on the The Deposit Protection Service on their website, along with their terms and conditions, which contains everything you will need to know about your deposit.