Ways To Pay

There's a few different ways you can pay, take a look and see which is best for you. 

To make a payment, you'll need your PRN, which can be found on the front of your rent payment card or rent payment letters. If you don't have one available, please contact us.

You rent is worked out depending on your tenancy and rent type, and if you pay a service charge.

Every few years, there is a 53 week year. As our rents are mainly charged weekly, this could affect you. Please check our 53 week year section for more on this. 

If you do not know which type of rent you have, or if you pay a service charge, you should check your tenancy agreement.

Direct Debit

The easiest and simplest way to pay is by Direct Debit. Direct Debits can be taken on a day that’s convenient for you and you can download a Direct_Debit_Mandate [pdf] 67KB. We can also set up a Direct Debit for you over the phone.

For further help or information, please email the Income Team or call our Customer Ambassadors on 0300 304 5000.

allpay App

You can also pay your rent through allpay or the allpay app. The app is available for download for Apple via the App Store or Android via Google Play.

To use this service, you’ll need the PRN you were given when you first become a tenant. If you don't have one, or you've lost it, please contact our Income Team at income.team@estuary.co.uk, or call our Customer Ambassadors on 0300 304 5000.

Pay via allpay

Your Online Account

You can make online payments through your Online Account - you just need to register first! Keep in mind payments can take up to 24 hours to show. 


Standing Order

You can set up a standing order with your bank online, in app, in person or over the phone. You will need to quote our account details, these are: Santander Bank  Sort Code 09.07.20  Account number 03128229 or you can complete a Standing Order Mandate.pdf[pdf] 134KB and bring it in to your branch.

Not Paying Rent

If you're struggling to pay your rent or other commitments, we're here to help you. We want to support you to keep your home. So, please let us know if you find yourself with any money troubles which mean you're not able to pay your rent or other bills. We could have the answer for you and, if we don’t, we can put you in touch with other people that can help.

Keeping in contact with us, making and keeping to payment plans you can afford means we won't take legal action. If you don't speak with us, when you get behind with your rent, or keep to an agreement to clear missed payments, we will have to start legal proceedings.

We're a friendly and supportive team; don’t let any concerns stop you from contacting the Income Team, we want to help.  

Please contact us on 0300 304 5000 to speak with us or, if you feel more comfortable emailing, please email income.team@estuary.co.uk