Asbestos was used in buildings up until around 2000, so if your home was built before then, it's possible it could contain some asbestos. As long as it's in good condition and looked after, it's not a problem. It can be dangerous if it's damaged or disturbed.


Could my home contain asbestos?

If you're worried or even just curious, you can find out where asbestos might be found in a home on the HSE website - Where can you find asbestos? (


What should I do to keep my home safe?

If you're not sure whether something in your home contains asbestos, it's important that you don't damage, disturb or move it. Remember, it's not easy to tell if something has asbestos in it just from looking.

  • You should speak to us before you make any changes to your home. We'll then be able to visit and let you know if there's any asbestos. Please be aware that if you do any alterations yourself and asbestos is found, then you'll have to pay for it to be removed yourself
  • If you're carrying out DIY jobs, you should be careful not to disturb or damage anything containing asbestos. If you're not sure if there is asbestos, please contact us for advice
  • Never remove asbestos panels to gain access to anything, including services
  • You should allow us to to carry out inspections
  • If you think you've found asbestos, do not attempt to clear it up yourself. Contact us for advice as soon as you can.


What is Estuary doing to keep my home safe?

We survey our homes to see if there is any asbestos. If we find any, we check where it is and what condition it's in, so we can manage it and keep you and our contractors safe. When we find asbestos, we will either:

  • Leave – if the condition is good, we'll leave it where it is and keep an eye on it. This is the usually the safest option
  • Remove – this is the most disruptive option so where possible we will only do this when homes are empty or at the same time as other major works are being carried out
  • Encapsulate or cover – this could be by covering it or applying a special coating.