Our main telephone line (0300 304 5000) will be down for maintenance today from 17:30 to 18:00.  During this time, our repairs line will be unaffected. Emergency repairs can still be reported on  0808 1691969. Thank you for your understanding.

Electrical Safety

What is Estuary doing to keep my home safe?

We carry out tests of all electrical circuits in the homes and properties that we manage, including communal areas. We do this every 5 years or at change of tenancy (whichever comes first). We may carry out extra tests if we have concerns or a reason to believe if something is dangerous.

These reports sometimes bring to light some work that needs to be carried out. When this happens, it's really important you let us in as soon as you can, so we can carry out the  work to keep you and your home safe.

In the electrical test we'll also ensure all homes have a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. These must be in the main habitable room (normally a living room) as well as in a hallway. Carbon monoxide detectors must be installed in any room with a gas appliance, for example your kitchen if you have a gas hob. 

What Should I Do To Keep My Home Safe?

What should I do to keep my home safe?

  • Never carry out electrical repairs yourself. If you're concerned about the electrical installation in your home, please contact Axis immediately on 0808 169 1969. They only use fully trained and qualified electricians.
  • Contact us if you're planning to do any work to the electrics in your home
  • Make sure you provide us with access to carry out your home's 5 yearly safety inspection. If you don't, we might  take action against you, which could affect your tenancy and/or charge you more for extra costs
  • Carry out regular checks of your electric sockets (plugs) and appliances, check that
    • Sockets aren't cracked and don't have scorch marks, or other general damage. They must not be overloaded with too many extension blocks or leads
    • Leads don't have any cuts, fraying or other damage
    • Plugs aren't damaged, loose, or have scorch marks
  • Register your appliances with the maker so you can check for product recalls
  • Do not use block plug sockets at all and try to avoid using extension leads where you can. If you need to use an extension lead, then make sure it's fully unwound and not overloaded by plugging in too many appliances. Together they could go over the maximum  electricity current rating
  • Do not keep combustible (easily lit) materials near the fuse box or electricity meter
  • Do not keep items on top of microwaves
  • Switch off electrical items when you're not using them. 

Electrical Safety First

Visit Electrical Safety First for more help and advice, which includes an online socket calculator to check your sockets are safe and a Visual Checks App to help you ensure your home is electrically safe.