Missed Appointments

£10 will be paid if:

  • an appointment is missed for routine repairs or
  • an engineer fails to turn up for your Annual Gas Service


Delays to service

Axis have advised there is currently a delay in issuing funds. They are working to fix this.


Both Estuary and Axis are committed to improving your homes and to improving our service to residents. 

You have told us how frustrating it is when engineers miss a repairs appointment. We are listening to your feedback and working hard to improve our performance. 
So, from now on, if you experience a missed appointment caused by Axis, Axis will automatically issue you with a compensation shopping voucher within 28 days. This applies to all missed repairs appointments except for those that were due to COVID. The Contact Centre will give you the reason when they contact you.
All Axis engineers’ vans have a GPS tracker that captures arrival times so they can identify all missed appointments and issue the vouchers automatically. Please note that Estuary Housing no longer deals with missed appointments. 


What if I don’t receive my funds?

In the first instance call Axis Repairs or the Gas Contact Centre 0808 169 1969. If you are dissatisfied with the response, then please use our feedback process and e-mail us. Estuary officers will review all the evidence before deciding on the outcome. 


What is a missed appointment?

The appointment is “missed” if the engineer:

  • doesn’t attend on the day; or 
  • arrives more than an hour late for the appointment and no one told you about the delay
  • calls to cancel less than 2 hours before the end of the appointment time.


What if the engineer is late?

If Axis calls you up to an hour before the appointment time, then it is not classed as a missed appointment.


What if I forgot or was out when the engineer turned up?

This is called a ‘No Access’ appointment. No Access appointments cost time and money and prevent other residents from receiving our service. Please make sure you cancel any appointment you are unable to attend. This will help us improve our service. Thank you. Telephone 0808 169 1969 to cancel. 


If the engineer is running more than an hour late – then you’ll get a call by the times show below. 

All Day - 8am-5.30pm - call by 4.30pm
Morning - 8am-12pm - call by 11am
Afternoon - 12pm-5.30pm - call by 4.30pm
Specified time - eg 2pm - call by eg 1pm

If Axis has to cancel an appointment, they need to give you two hours' notice before the end of the appointment, or as soon as possible for specific appointments before 10am or by 12.30pm for an all day appointment. 

All Day - 8am-5.30pm - call by 12.30pm
Morning - 8am-12pm - call by 10am
Afternoon - 12pm-5.30pm - call by 3.30pm
Specified time - eg 2pm - call by eg 12pm